10 Tips for Simple Spring Entertaining

With the weather warming up it’s time to take the drinks and the feast outside, and we’ve got some simple entertaining tips to make your next event a five-star one! 

1. Experiment with florals 

Whether in food, drinks or just for display, freshen things up with florals. Let stems drape across the table or try placing fresh buds and branches in beautiful bowls. 

2. Self-serve spreads

So you can spend less time in the kitchen, create lots of big self-serve dishes that let your guests dive into and you more time to mingle. Try big salads, dip and cheese boards, as well as dessert platters and sweet dips for after-dinner perfect for sharing.  


3. Get native

With fruit and gorgeous native flowers, you won’t need to spend a lot of time and money to create a rustic looking table setting.. Show off the latest local produce with a centrepiece adorned with fresh fruit in an elevated bowl, or laden your table with beautiful flowers picked from your garden.

4. Welcome drinks 

Make your guests feel special with a welcome aperitif or sparkling grapefruit cocktail

5. Setting the mood

Music is key for this! For an evening soirée create an outdoor al fresco feel with fairy lights and candles, and lots of picnic blankets and cushions so guests can take a break and stretch out the legs.

6. Simple sides 

Sides can be simple and straightforward and still complement the star player perfectly. Try Charred Sourdough Soldiers with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes. Watch how easy it is to create it.

7. Ice buckets

This is something essential that always seems to run out! Stock up on ice and make your ice buckets stand out by placing super bright drinks on an elevated chair or side table to catch your guests’ eye. 

8. Be guided by freshness

Create meals and salads with what’s in season at your local fresh food market or farmers market to theme your party. 

9. Try a handwritten menu

All your hard work should go up in writing! Use simple craft paper to write up the menu in black or gold lettering, or even easier, grab yourself a blackboard and chalk for a real homestyle feel.

10. Surprise and delight!

Infuse your ice cubes with flower petals, rosemary, lemon and lime – get creative!