Hanging Planter

By on February 20, 2017


You’ll need:

  • A Heritage Terracotta Pot
  • Gold Spray Paint (outdoor paint)
  • Decorative Stickers
  • Rope, cut into 4 equal lengths (you’ll need to cut to the hanging length you desire, we’ve got to 60cm pieces)
  • Succulent to plant in the pot (or plant of your choice)


  • Drill drainage hole in the base of your terracotta pot
  • Place the pot upside down on a drop sheet or some newspaper and spray with the gold spray paint until evenly covered. We suggest doing two coats.
  • When dry, decorate the gold pot with your stickers. You may want to secure these with super glue if hanging your pot outdoors.
  • Tie your four pieces of rope together at both ends. The bottom end should leave some excess rope free after the tie (see picture)
  • Meanwhile, plant your favourite succulent into the pot, find a nice spot in your yard (that doesn’t get a huge amount of wind) and hang the rope. 
  • Place the pot carefully into the rope and enjoy your hard work!



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